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Wedding styling is a way of personalizing your big day and it is up to a wedding stylist to decide what elements are required to bring your vision into reality. Bridal table centerpieces, hand-lettered place cards, mismatched rustic chairs, long tables set up in a clear marquee, hanging chandeliers, and intimate table settings are just some examples of the details a wedding stylist brings to the table.

What is Wedding Styling?


Essentially yes, as weddings are a type of event. Where a wedding stylist may differ from an event stylist is in their specialization. For example, event styling can include corporate events such as award nights, gala dinners, and Christmas parties while wedding styling is focused on purely weddings.  We at Eugene Alexander Designs can do both.

Is Event Styling the same thing as Wedding Styling?

Wedding styling specialize in design and consulting on everything from the floor plans and lighting design to the flowers, furniture, linens and tableware. Similarly to an interior designer, a designer has an artistic eye that allows them to conceptualize the whole event and truly transform a space. 


Wedding planners are more focused on the logistics making sure that all the tasks related to making a wedding happens on time and on budget so that nothing is missed.


In that sense, a planners job is a little more broad than a wedding stylists who focuses on the stylistic concepts, themes, colors and executing that vision for the wedding.  

How does Wedding Styling differ from Wedding Planning?

Hire stylists whose style you love. Show them your vision and then let them be creative and do their thing. Above all, be sure your stylist is a good listener/communicator and is able to take your vision and turn it into your dream.  

What should I look for in an Event Stylist?


It varies for every event.  For our styling services, we usually stay until the formalities begin just to make sure that everything goes ahead smoothly.  If requested in advance, we would stay through the whole event.

Do you stay throughout the event?

Absolutely! We will be there to make sure everything is properly set up the way it should be and broken down after, leaving the venue better than we found it.  

Is set up and breakdown included in your services?

We would love to give you an amount straight away, however every wedding is unique.  The first consultation is free. After which, we would have a better idea of what you want and we can then suggest a budget. 

How much do you think everything will cost?

Think we are perfect for you? Schedule a free consultation to talk all things weddings, events and/or backdrops.

We can't wait to meet you!

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